I needed a place to share learning experiences. I’m not very good at it, but I think I have some experiences worth sharing.

Who am I

I am from Portugal and I have been working hard to build products and services people can use. The journey started when I realised how amazing building software sounded. The challenge of solving problems. Moreover, in 2016 technology was all over the place and the trend was just rising.

I started my education in Business & Economics and the interest with software started when I realised how computers could help me develop mathematical problems to solve problems. But as I’ve gone deeper into the subject, the software development world has completely open an entire new gate of knowledge and learning experiences.

In the meantime, I started getting involded with Open Source projects in Linux communities, because, not only am I an user and a fan, but it has been an amazing learning experience, requiring to learn new things everyday.

What to expect in this blog

My goal is to share experiences with you monthly. I intend to spend some time preparing an article monthly, preferably something simple and quick to read. I’m not an expert, but hopefully I can help you getting started into some technologies.

Thanks for reading!