Disco Dingo Thoughts

Hello everyone.

After over a year without posting, I am back to review the latest release of Ubuntu, Disco Dingo 19.04.

Those already around me know I love Linux and my favourite linux distribuition is Ubuntu.

One of the reasons Ubuntu is my favourite is how simple and compatible it is with pretty much all devices I have tried installing. Except my laptop, but that’s due to the graphics card.

But hey, I fondly received the news that now we can select the option to automatically set nomodeset and other convenient tools when running the setup. For me, this means a major win. I previously had to set nomodeset manually and after installation I had to immediately modifiy some options in the grub’s defaults (namely set the acpi=force) but now, with this new option, the installation process which was already smooth, become (melted) butter. Thank you, honestly, person who remembered to include this option. This seems like a feature that will stick to Ubuntu 20.04, so I’m happy to now a LTS version will become even simpler to install too, so that’s great.

The UI and custom-Gnome experience has been improved as well, in this custom flavour of Gnome. We now have a few more options for customization, including dark options of the themes but I am definitely pleased to say that the Gnome shell, in Ubuntu 19.04, really looks great.

Finally, Ubuntu 19.04 comes with the 5 series of the kernel, meaning we are getting cutting edge version of the kernel. People everyone are mentioning the fact that is given a significant battery duration boost, although I haven’t tried it. I use my computer mainly at home and it’s always plugged in. Personally though, using a more recent kernel is awesome, as I am more balanced torward freshness of the software in favour of stability (but not to the point things break on a daily basis). In fact, the entire experience feels improved, sharper, more responsive than before. The system is the same, so there is nothing related to hardware changes. They also removed Python 2 from the base installation but I feel that was expected as Python 2 will stop being supported very soon.

I’ll take my chances and simply say that Ubuntu is making significant progress in becoming the linux distribution of choice for a lot of people. It just works, whether you have a potato computer, or a high-end beast. Great job, everyone.

Thanks for reading gsilvapt